Peek Screen

Bring Strength, Durability & Privacy To Your Mobile Device. Tempered Glass for iPhone Screens.


The iPhone fundamentally changed humanity. We used to have to go long distances to get our hands on what we needed, but now everything we need is right in the palm of our hands. We can text relatives around the world, collaborate on office documents, and pay our banking bills anytime, anywhere. Our phones hold great power, along with very important, sensitive and meaningful Information.

With everything accessible with the click of a button, it's not hard for others to peek into our lives. This is why we've designed the Peek Screen; a highly transparent tempered glass protective cover that brings strength, durability, and privacy to your mobile device. You won't notice it, but others sure will.

When we looked up from our phones during the busy subway commute to work, we noticed that at least three-quarters of the people crowded around us were looking down at their phones. We could see everything they were doing from messaging friends to swiping on dating apps to reading financial briefs for the morning's meetings. We opened our eyes and realized that people everywhere are looking and reading over others' shoulders. How could we stop people from peeking into our lives?

My Role

My role with on project was of Leading the Product and Graphic Design. I created many variations of our concept design which was validated through sample’s production (producer in China). I also worked on the graphics, video, product photos, gif and marketing content for our kickstarter campaign.

Product Design

We had bunch of similar products available in the market so we wanted to work on as many features that could differentiate us from the competition. For that, we did extensive research into existing products, created concept prototypes, got samples produced through our manufacturer in China and validated our product by having our close friends try it over a certain period of time.

Core features of Peek Screen.


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