I design digital products, architect systems and create startups. I work at the intersection of strategic design, technology and business. At the core of everything I do is UX.

My academic background is a combination of computer science, entrepreneurship, digital media, product design, marketing and branding. I thrive in the digital space.

I have experience in creating digital products, content websites, apparel brands, conferences, web applications, mobile games, interactive films and VR experiences. What drives me is innovation, collaboration and minimalism.

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Hello! I'm Zeeshan, a product designer specializing in ux, full-stack development and business strategy. I work at the intersection of design, technology and business. As a product designer, I'm always looking for challenging business, design and system problems to solve. 

For me design is not just what we see or experience, rather it's the essence behind a language, an idea, a process or a cause. Being a mere medium which confine design into meanings, I feel creating good design is a social responsibility as it indulges with people's needs, emotions and feelings. I'm interested in human computer interaction, resources accessibility, and the future of being.

It all started at the age of 14, when I created my first logo and a custom website for my neighbourhood soccer team. Since then, I have grown in a world of dreams, design, code and collaboration.


Skyrocket Digital Inc.
Product Architect & Technology Lead — 2017 - Present

Quupe Technologies Inc.
Founder, Product & Technology Lead — 2016 - Present

MRKS Media.
Partner, Product Designer — 2011 - 2017


Centre for Digital Media, Canada
M.A. Digital Media — 2015 - 2017

Joint degree offered by UBC, SFU, BCIT and ECUAD
Major in Product Design, minor in Product Development
Focus on platforms, gamification, VR and interaction projects
Recipient of Gerri Sinclair Award for Innovation in Digital Media
VP Students at Digital Media Caucus
CGPA: 4.04

Quest University, Canada
B.A&Sc. Entrepreneurial Management — 2010 - 2013

Major in Startup Management, minor in Social Media Marketing
Founded Impact99 Conference, One Brand and MRKS Media
Senior Ambassador Social Media & Graphics at Quest
Recipient of Talent and Leadership Scholarship


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